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At Choose 2 Rent, we acknowledge that accidents can happen, which is why we offer Choose 2 Rent Care, a comprehensive coverage plan to give you peace of mind during your rental. This plan safeguards you against damages to rented devices, eliminating the need for traditional insurance and ensuring you're fully protected. In the event of accidental breakage, simply fill out our "Report a Damage" form online, and our dedicated team will handle the rest, making a potentially stressful situation hassle-free.


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How It Works

We understand that repairs can sometimes be expensive, depending on the device model. For example, tablet PC repairs may range up to $350, while our most valuable printer repairs could reach up to $4000.

With Choose 2 Rent Care, you will only be responsible for a deductible of 10% of the repair value. This means that the majority of the repair costs are covered, ensuring that you won't face a significant financial burden.

To benefit from Choose 2 Rent Care, it must be added prior to the shipment of the devices to you. We highly recommend considering this coverage to protect yourself from unexpected repair costs.

We Strive to Ensure a Smooth Rental Experience

and our team will make every effort to promptly arrange repairs or replacements for damaged devices.

Choose 2 Rent Care is our commitment to providing you with the utmost care and protection during your rental experience. We invite you to explore our website and discover the wide range of high-quality devices available for rent. Trust Choose 2 Rent for a hassle-free rental experience and the peace of mind you deserve.

Don't let unexpected damages disrupt your rental experience—get Choose 2 Rent Care today!